Mobile Video Course

Showing Real Estate Agents how to shoot professional quality video using their smartphone and tablet.

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Isn't Shooting A Video Difficult?

It certainly can be extremely difficult and technically challenging.

This course makes Video Marketing simple to do using a smartphone or tablet that you are familiar with, for shooting and producing beautiful and stunning videos that is sure to capture your clients' attention.

*Quadcopter used for aerial footage (00:22-00:33)

Sample Video from the Lighting Module on 2-Point Lighting

video placeholder

Property Video taken with Samsung Note 3


What will you learn?

  • Module 1 - Lighting

    In this module, we will be discussing proper lighting. How setup 2 & 3 point lighting, using natural outdoor lighting and on-the-go (LED) lighting to properly light your videos.

  • Module 2 - Audio

    In this module, we will be discussing audio and introducing you to different microphones that you can use for your smartphone and/or tablet, such as the Hand held microphone and the Lavalier microphone to best capture sound for your videos.

  • Module 3 - Tripods, Sliders & Other Accessories

    In this module, we will be showing you how to keep your camera steady using a tripod. We also introduce sliders to give your video a more dramatic effect. Other accessories will be mentioned, as well.

  • Module 4 - Using Smartphones & Tablets As Video Cameras

    In this module, we are going to discuss the camera on your device and give you basics on shooting video like a pro. We talk about recommended accessories, getting in the right mindset, the importance of knowing your equipment, finally, the rule of thirds technique and common effects.

  • Module 5 - Editing Software

    In this module we will discuss the basics of editing. There are various video editing software, however, WeVideo is an online video editor that we recommend.

All of this included in the course!

  • Module 6 - WeVideo Mobile App

    In this module, we will show you how to best capture and edit video directly from your smartphone and/or tablet using the WeVideo Mobile Application.

  • Module 7 - Birthday & Holiday Greeting Videos

    In this module, we will show you how to create the oh so powerful Birthday and Holiday videos to send to your clients. We include script templates that you can use to greet your clients every year so that you will always be top of mind when they think Real Estate.

  • Module 8 - Email Introduction Video

    In this module, we will show you how to create an Email Introduction Video that is sure to get the attention of your current, past and future clients when they receive an email from you.

  • Module 9 - FAQ Videos

    In this module, we will discuss the FAQ Videos and the importance of preparing them for your clients and potential clients to see. We include scripts and ideas on what topics to create in your videos.

  • Module 10 - Putting It All Together

    In this module, we will take everything that you learned in the previous modules and guide you in a step-by-step easy to follow lesson to put it all together. After completing this module along with the previous modules, you will set yourself above your competition!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Video Production Is Expensive!

In this course, we show Real Estate Agents how to use their smartphone and tablet to shoot high-quality, professional videos that won't cost an arm and a leg!

What they are saying about Video Marketing in Real Estate:

National Association of REALTORS

92% of homebuyers use the Internet to find their next home.

85% of buyers and sellers would like to work with agents who use video, but only 15% of the agents have some sort of video presence.

Inman News

Homes listed with video get FOUR times the inquires of homes listed without video.


86% of buyers will research a particular community through videos.

Add Video Marketing to your Real Estate Business. Start shooting studio quality videos for your clients. Get started today with the Mobile Video Course.

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