What Is VideoMarketingManiacs.com All About?

VideoMarketingManiacs.com is a community where Real Estate Agents come together to learn how to use video for their business to:

  1. Increase their know-ability, like-ability & trust-ability
  2. Increasing Conversion Rates, and…
  3. Build long lasting "referral" relationships

Isn't Video Marketing to difficult and expensive?

Yes, it is, however, it doesn’t have to be. We teach Real Estate Agents how to create and produce videos with technology that most Agents already own and we show you how to do it with very low over-head. But here’s what makes VMM different from all the rest: In a sea of fad marketing ideas, Video Marketing Maniacs is unique because it’s owned and operated by licensed Real Estate Agents who actually use video marketing for their Real Estate business. In other words, we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk…

We actually DO THIS STUFF!! (And we're Awesome at it!)

And along the way we have perfected a large number of strategies and tactics. More importantly, like any good Real Estate Agent, we DOCUMENT and record each strategy in step-by-step modules so our best ideas could be repeated and rolled out and shared with other Agents. Best of all, we make this Video Module Library available to Video Marketing Maniac members, so if you’re looking for the ULTIMATE Marketing Strategy to Real Estate success…subscribe today.

We are always here for you!

We love to hear from our customers whether you have a question or need assistance, you may contact us anytime… Contact Us by Phone: 480-818-4483 Customer Support Email: support@vmmaniacs.com NOTE: If you’re new to VMM, you can click on the button below and instantly access a video series on how Video Marketing is vital for your Real Estate Business.